Average Earnings

How Much Do My Customers Earn From Internet Marketing and What Are Your Chances of Ever Making a Dime or Getting The Same Results, Traffic, Sales or Response I Do?

In a fairly survey of my cusotmers and list members, I asked how much they have earned online to date.

Now, the people who answered this survey were not all customers of mine. It included a cross section of customers and people who are on my list and likely read my ezine, and hopefully follow at least some of the things I teach there.

Also, these figures are not exclusively based on using what I teach. I don't think there IS anyone who ONLY buys and uses my products and teachings. If there is, it's only a few people. In reality, people buy books and ebooks at Amazon, books at the bookstore, courses and ebooks from other teachers of marketing and Internet marketing. If I DID have numbers on people who exclusively used my methods, I'm pretty sure they'd still be very close to the numbers below.

5.1% of 178 people who responded said they have made over $100,000. That is cumulative and not in one year, although it could be in one year. That number is higher than I expected.

7.9% said they'd made over $10,000. Now, in a follow up survey I need to break that down on earnings between $10,000 and $100,000.

9.1% had made over $1,000. 38.8% or roughly 40% hadn't made anything.

Now, here is what I want to point out:

What these numbers do NOT show is the percentage of people who consistently worked at least one hour a day for say 6 months or a year. I plan a follow up survey on that BUT I can tell you it's likely ABOUT the same percentage of people who have made $100,000.

I can ALSO tell you that those 40% who never made anything could run a wso and probably make their first $50 or $100 within a week or two or three, depending of course. If they put an ebook on Amazon, there's a very good chance of making your first buck or 50 bucks, or a lot more than that. If you put an auction up on ebay or some auctions, you got a very good chance of making some money. If you put an ebook up on Clickbank or Tradebit, you got a very good chance of making some money with a little effort, promotion and publicity.

The bar is pretty darned low for making some cash. You can make good Youtube videos, become a partner, and get Adsense royalties sharing. Lots of people, even kids do that. They get checks and all they do is make videos and stick 'em up on Youtube. All I'm saying is the bar isn't that high.


So there are the disclosures of earnings. You have maybe a 5% shot at doing gangbusters with any product, software, method or technique I teach. And you have a 60% shot at doing decent to well with it.

Now, I personally teach MARKETING. I don't think you ever waste one penny learning HOW to market better because you can use marketing to help a family member get a job, promote your church or charity, to do a LOT of things. Nearly everything requires marketing.

I do NOT sell turnkey "make money" plug it in and the money pours in. Marketing requires skill, learning and effort. There is no magic money machine. Having said that, I believe the methods I teach are real and work, and I personally feel I teach them far better and with more style than many others.

When I say things like I'll show you my formula that sells products like crazy. That applies to how MY products sell. And I promise to reveal how I do it. That is ALL I can do. I can NEVER claim you'll get any results.

Statement of Risk

a. I don't know if you'll DO what I taught the way I taught it.

b. Even if you DO, I don't know who you sell to, what your product is nor your price points.

c. Even if I did, there are no guarantees in life or business, other than your money back if you don't get a result. Can you guarantee me you'll wake up tomorrow morning? Life, as well as business, involves risk.

You may do every single thing I teach and not get a good result. If you can't tolerate that, you don't belong in business or marketing. This isn't algebra. It's business. Myspace may be all the rage today and a thing of the past tomorrow. Oh wait, that IS what happened. And proves my point. There are no guarantees.

An entrepreneur trades additional risk for the chance to gain additional rewards. I believe it was Adam Smith who said that. If you can't tolerate taking risk for the chance of gain, keep a job. But that invololves its own risks also, doesn't it? Starting a buysiness, any  business, whether online or offline, involves the potential for gain or loss.

Risks include coming up with products there's little or no demand for, being unable to create a sales offer that people buy, spending time that doesn't give you an roi, and a  bunch of other stuff.  I have a risk everytime I drive my car or fly in a plane.  So, needless to say, starting an online business has risks also.  It's MY job to help you  minimize those  as much as possible (and I do), to give you the proven methods that have worked for me and my closest friends, to help you avoid bad or dumb ideas as much as I can, and to show you how to get people to buy your stuff.  I'm pretty darned  good at what I do.

So I'm an ambassador of the gospel of Internet marketing. I think it's the greatest way in the world to sell products and services. I love it and am passionate about it. I do a darned good job of teaching it.

I don't teach you everything you need to know. I don't know of any one course or training that does. My college degree didn't teach me everything I needed to know either. I learn ever day. Every single successful person I know does.